Saturday Snapshots - Boston Charm

Weather Channel app is reporting "1°...feels like -22°" in Boston...Brrr!!!!!!  But even the chill can't take away the ultra charming side of this historical city.  Here are some recent snapshots in my adopted hometown.

Boston Charm: Make a grand entrance at No. 25 on Commonwealth Ave in the Back Bay neighborhood.
Boston Charm: Make Way for the Ducklings statue in Boston Public Garden.
Boston Charm: Snowy scene in Boston Public Garden, Founded in 1837.
Boston Charm: Acorn Street, the most photographed street in the historical Beacon Hill neighborhood.

From Top Left:  1) Making a grand entrance on Commonwealth Avenue.  2) Boston's beloved ducklings - Statue in Boston Public Garden celebrating the children's book, "Make Way for the Ducklings".   3) Snow-covered Boston Public Garden (Founded in 1837).  4) Acron Street - Boston's most-photographed street in the historical Beacon Hill neighborhood.