Do The Puffle // Trying Out Cauldron Ice Cream

The famous "puffle" at Cauldron Ice Cream in Orange County, CA.

I have been "eyeing" these puffles from Cauldron Ice Cream on Instagram for a long long time.  I may have planned this visit to see my best friend in Orange County, CA just for this. Haha, just kidding.  I love my bestie and her kids!

Trying out the Puffle Ice Cream at Cauldron Ice Cream in Orange County, CA

Flavors of the Month for March include some pretty unique options - Earl Grey Lavender, Milk and Cereal, S'Mores, Vietnamese Coffee. Yum!

The nitrogen ice cream making process at Cauldron Ice Care in Orange County, CA

Cauldron uses liquid nitrogen to prepare each ice cream order, so you know your ice cream is fresh.  Sorry Baskin Robbins, I no longer want frozen stiff ice cream that's been sitting in the freezer for who knows how long.

Trying out Puffle Ice Cream from Cauldron Ice Cream in Orange County, CA

We are very ambitious and each order our own puffle.  We probably could have ordered two and shared, but who wants to share when your ice cream can actually be called "cute"!

We opt for Earl Grey Lavender, Vietnamese Coffee and Speckled Vanilla. 

  • EGL tastes just like lavender and it's not very sweet.  It's a bit strange as I'm more used to "smelling" lavender.  Nevertheless, it's a very good flavor.
  • VC has a very strong coffee flavor as the name suggests.  I love how they garnish with a little chocolate "cigar".
  • SV is more my cup of tea - Simple yet flavorful. 
Puffle Ice Cream prepared with liquid nitrogen from Cauldron Ice Cream in Orange County, CA.

Because the ice cream is prepared with liquid nitrogen, the flavors are much more intense and it's ultra smooth and comes in this velvety, creamy texture.

Trying the puffle ice cream at Cauldron Ice Cream, Orange County, CA
Hong-Kong style egg waffle

As for the puffle, it is based on a childhood favorite of mine growing up in Hong Kong called the egg waffle.  Its Cantonese nickname is "little eggs" (鷄蛋仔) and it is THE most popular street food among the Hong-Konger's.  It's a must-eat for me every time I go home!

The original way of making "little egg" is using a sweet, egg-rich batter cooked in a sizzling hot special two-sided pan with little round cells that gives it its signature mini puff's.  See a story here by That Food Cray to see how it's made.

Enjoying Puffle Ice Cream prepared with liquid nitrogen at Cauldron Ice Cream in Orange County, CA
At a happy place. Cauldron Ice Cream, Orange County, CA

The "little egg" puffle takes my mom down memory lane and the liquid-nitrogen ice cream keeps my bestie happy.  And I am just excited that I get to finally try this yummy goodness.  We are all in a happy place.

Getting Here  Cauldron Ice Cream is located at 1421 W.MacArthur Blvd, Suite F, Santa Ana, CA.  It is part of a strip-mall type of shopping center, next to an urgent care medical clinic.  If you see the 7-Eleven, then you have gone too far.

Have you tried Cauldron or something similar? Do share with us!

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