Add These To Your Skin Care Ritual, Too!

add these to your skin care ritual, too! Our skin deserves the best of the best!  Besides using top-notch products, try adding these simple steps to your skin care ritual, too. Trust me, your skin will thank you. Clean Your Product Containers As hard as we try, there will be some contamination happening every time we touch our products.  Products without preservatives are even more prone to it.  Try cleaning bottle opening (pumps, tube, etc) with a brush cleaner to minimize the chance of bacteria growth. Frequency: 3x/Week Clean Your Brushes I know, I dread this step, too. Keeping your brushes clean is your defense against bacteria growth in makeup and you certainly don't want them anywhere near your face! Tips: Use a daily cleaner for surface cleaning, so that you can start fresh everyday & it will take less time to do the big deep clean. Frequency: Daily - Surface clean & 1x/Month - Deep clean Wash Your Pillowcases Even if you go to bed with a freshly-cleansed face, our skin produces oil naturally while we sleep and these sebum gets transferred to our pillowcases and then back to our face every night. Gross! I'm so lazy when it comes to household chores, but I never skip this step! Frequency: 1x/Week Use A Washcloth Dedicated To Your Face Only Hair also produces oil naturally and oil gets transferred to our bath towel as we dry our hair.  It's best not to use this same bath towel for your face. Instead, use a small washcloth to pat-dry your face. Same as the pillowcases, this washcloth should be washed regularly. Frequency: Wash washcloth 1x/Week