Travel-Friendly Face Masks from Goodal

Travel-friendly face masks from Korean beauty brand, Goodal.



I was initially drawn to the packaging before I even knew what this was for!  But besides the ultra cute packages, these packs* are great and I love how it comes with a variety of benefits.  I have since re-purchased these lovely packs a few times.  My only wish is that I could buy each one individually as I prefer some over the others as noted below.

*For those who are new to Korean beauty, face masks are sometimes referred to as "face packs".

Starting from top left:

Keeping Your Coconut Wash-Off Pack  Filled with a blend of coconut from the South Pacific that promises to help improve lines & textures. This pack comes with coconut pulps that feels great on my face, like a mini massage as I gently rub all over my skin.  It also has a slight cool & tingling sensation upon application that's perfect for those hot summer (or tropical) nights.

Want Night Sleep Moisture Cream Pack  This hydrating sleeping pack is filled with soothing oatmeal extract and aloe vera leaf.  Put this on before heading to bed as the very last step in your beauty routine (after nighttime moisturizer), and you'll wake up with glowy, dewy-looking skin.  This is perfect for long flights or work trips where working breakfast always starts at 7am!

Deep Clean Pore Glacial Clay Wash-Off Pack  Deep cleanse your skin with this clay mask made with Canadian glacier milk, glacial clay and green tea extracts.  With my large pores, I love using clay masks regularly to help minimize the clogging, but I try to limit this extra step to only 1-2 times a month & only the areas with large pores as any type of exfoliation (while it's needed) is actually pretty harsh on your skin. 

Want Night Sleep Brightening Cream Pack  Vitamin C is the star here.  This is also a sleeping pack that focuses on giving you brightening benefits.  My take on brightening products - I love this pack, but in order to truly maximize brightening benefit, we need to use brightening products on a consistent/daily basis as opposed to a one-time use such as this pack.  Skin tone improvement doesn't happen overnight and requires time, discipline and patience to see the fruits of our labor.  Having said that, this pack is great as a supplemental step in our quest for brighter skin!

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$ Saving Tip 

Even though suggested usage is one pack per usage occasion, there's actually enough product in one pack for at least two pampering sessions.  Just put the open pack in a ziplock bag to minimize contamination.


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