Seoul, Korea

My interest in Korean skin care started a few years ago.  

My skin was going through a rough stage and I was determined to find something that could help me turn it around.  I remember reading this article that talked about how Korean women took care of their skin by developing personalized multi-steps routine - It included products like serums, essence, sheet masks that an average U.S. woman at the time wouldn't consider.  I was in desperate need of a skin rescue, so I gave this new thing a try.  

Fast-forward to today - My skin has since improved, thanks to my conversion and devotion to the multi-steps routine and, more importantly, the generous sharing about the many wonderful skin care brands around the world from like-minded skin care lovers like you.  I have the Korean beauty industry and devoted fans to thank for the positive changes.  And this past year, I've finally made it to the epic center of this great skin care revolution - Seoul, South Korea. 

Korean skin care has a very special place in my heart and what could be better than dedicating this Seoul-searching story as my opening post to Hula With Me!  I hope you'll come along with me, or should I say, come hula with me, on this new journey I'm embarking on.  

I  look forward to sharing my love for beauty and to hearing from all of you!