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Skincare On The Go // A Guide to Organizing & Packing Your Skincare for Travel

A guide to organizing and packing your skincare for travel.
Carry-On Only!   My first carry-on-only experience......     Took place when we traveled to Phuket, Thailand, for a friend's wedding and planned a few other stops along the way. Since we're only staying at each of these stops for 1-2 days, we decided to play it safe and do carry-on only. Who wants to stress over lost luggage when you only have 48 hours to enjoy a new city?!      At the same time, I wanted to save some rooms for souvenirs. I scratched my head as it sounded like a daunting task to squeeze all my beauty needs into a tiny suitcase AND leave rooms for shopping, but turns out, it's not as bad as I have thought and with the help of the right tools,    you can do it, too! 
Packing Light with MUJI - Take 1   A  s     m  u  c  h     a  s     I     l  o  v  e     a  d  m  i  r  i  n  g     a     p  e  r  f  e  c  t     l  i  n  e  u  p     o  f     m  y     s  k  i  n  c  a  r  e  ,     d  o  w  n  s  i  z  i  n  g     i  s     k  e  y     w  h  e  n     i  t     c  o  m  e  s     t  o     p  a  c  k  i  n  g     l  i  g  h  t  .        T  h  e  s  e     M  U  J  I     c  o  n  t  a  i  n  e  r  s     a  r  e     g  r  e  a  t     t  o     h  e  l  p     y  o  u     m  a  x  i  m  i  z  e     y  o  u  r     s  t  o  r  a  g  e     s  p  a  c  e     w  h  i  l  e     a  l  l  o  w  i  n  g     y  o  u     t  o     h  a  v  e     a     f  u  l  l     s  k  i  n  c  a  r  e     r  i  t  u  a  l     o  n     t  h  e     g  o  !
Packing Light with MUJI - Take 1   SIZES  // So many to choose from to accommodate different product types. For items like essence, you don't need to bring a lot as you only use a little bit, but with haircare or face cream, you may want to bring a larger bottle or jar.    DISPENSERS  // Choose the right dispensing method for certain items such as toner (spray) and essence (pump).   CONTAINER TYPES  // Again, many for you to choose from. You can use the jars for heavier cream or moisturizer that can't really be dispensed through a pump.    TOOLS  // Tools like this funnel (left photo) help you transfer product safely to the travel containers.   REMINDER // Products that are sensitive to light  can't be exposed to any light source as some ingredients will lose their effectiveness. You should use a non-clear container or do what I do here the old-fashioned way - Colored tape!  General rule-of-thumb : If the full-size is in a non-clear container, then your travel size should follow suit.  And sunscreen must be in a non-clear container!


// Tips on Organizing Your Many Look-Alike Bottles //

  • Place a piece of scotch/clear tape on each bottle and write the product name or product type on the tape.
  • Using scotch/clear tape as bottle labels makes it super easy to remove when your trip is done.  Trust me, removing those white sticky label was painful!


Packing Light with MUJI - Take 2   Don't underestimate the storage power of this little bag!    Wait til you see how it opens up on both sides and how much you can squeeze in all the compartments. 
Packing Light with MUJI - Take 2
Packing Light with MUJI - Take 2   COMPACT ON THE OUTSIDE, SPACIOUS ON THE INSIDE   I'm able to fit all the bottles on previous section (which is what I need to complete my travel skincare ritual) on one side as shown. On the other side, I can fit makeup - tools, tubes (concealer, mascara, etc), blush/highlighter compact and other essentials.     NEED MORE ROOM? NO WORRY!   I'm a minimalist with makeup, so this may not seem to be enough space for more, but I can still squeeze more things in there once I've filled up all the compartments. If you need more room for your makeup stash though, you can essentially use another one and it still won't take up too much space in your luggage.     I travelled to Asia (with multiple stops) with just one MUJI bag and I was able to fit 95% of my needs with the remaining 5% stuffed in nooks and crannies in my luggage...   The goal is to save room for shopping! 


// Tips on Downsizing Your Skincare //

  • I normally rotate among 2-3 different items for each step and I'm sure many of you do the same. Unless you're traveling for more than a month, my advice is to choose your most favorite one from the rotation and bring just 1 item per step. Every little bottle starts to add up in weight and space and it's best to save yourself the headache of dragging heavy suitcases around.
  • If you feel like you're really missing out on certain pampering by not bringing all your normal options, opt for treatment items (discussed below) that tend to be smaller in size (think sheetmasks or sample-size/pod-size items).


Self-Pampering Skin Care Travel Essentials   I don't skim on my skincare ritual even when I travel and have to pack light! Travel adds stress to your body and your skin, so it's even more important to keep up with not just your normal steps, but also these pampering treatments. 
My Traveling Must-Have's Pampering Treatments Include The Following Categories.....    FACE-Brightening   // All those selfies that you're planning to take? You want to look glowy, right? Bring a brightening mask.    My Pick:  Dr. Jart+ Brightening Solution Sheetmask.    EYES-Nourishing   // Whether you have dark circles or not, lack of sleep while traveling is so unforgiving on our eyes. Recuperate with an eye mask.     My Pick:  Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist 24 Pure Retinol.    FEET   // Mainly for summer travels where you'd be showing off your fave sandals - Keeping those heels nice and moisturized with a foot mask.     My Pick:  Daiso Foot Mask.    FACE-Hydrating   // We're all aware of the drying circulated air in-flight. Keeping your skin hydrated while traveling requires some extra help. Bring sheetmasks for nightly upkeep & a leave-on mask for in-flight hydration.      My Pick:   My Beauty Diary Damask Rose Sheetmask + GlamGlow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment.    EYES-Refreshing   // I tend to not sleep well on hotel beds and wake up looking like a zombie. Along with eye masks, bring a quick eye refresher in case you're just too tired to mask the night before (this one takes only 3 min!).     My Pick:   GlamGlow BrightMud Eye Treatment. Tip: Use one side of a pack for both eyes!
Body Care Travel Essentials   How many of you have slathered yourself with the hotel body lotion only to notice that your skin is still dry? I'm not super picky with body care, but there are a few things I bring along for my own comfort. 
My Traveling Must-Have's Body Care Includes The Following Categories.....    BODY-Moisturizing   // I lotion up every night at home, so no surprise that I do the same when traveling. Tips: I use facial moisturizer samples that are too rich for my face and use as body lotion. They help you save space!    My Pick:   Any samples! Currently using First Aid Beauty (these are ultra rich & thick!).    BODY-Freshening   // I have collected a huge box of perfume samples and traveling is the perfect time to try them out! Also, these saved me many times from very unpleasant smell in the cabin.     My Pick:  Any perfume samples! Currently using Diptyque's.    BODY-Cleansing   // Whenever I have travel-size bodywash, I bring them along. It's at a lower priority, so only if space allows for it.       My Pick:   Cowshed Mini Bath & Shower Gel (I got a gift set of 7 mini's).    HANDS-Moisturizing   // How many times did you wash your hands at the airport/airplane bathroom and the soap just dries up your hands so much?! I trust only my own hand cream to save the day, no exception.    My Pick:   Tatcha Indigo Soothing Silk Hand Cream (Travel Size).
Travel In-Flight Skin Care Essentials   For the long-haul flights (such as the ones to/from Asia), I remove all makeup and do a full skincare ritual in-flight. I also spray my face with this Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist (right) regularly to keep my skin hydrated and apply this cooling Boscia Eye Balm (left) to depuff my panda eyes.
Travel Skincare/Beauty Essentials Shopping Guide


// MUJI Travel Essentials //

// Similar Ones Found on Amazon //








Skin Care/Beauty Giveaway   To help you pack light on your next travel adventure, I'm giving away two (2) travel essentials prizes to two (2) lucky winners.    One prize for each winner   Be sure to read all details below relating to the giveaway!    Prize 1   Cowshed Mini Travel Set   - 2x Mini Bath & Shower Gels   - 1x Natural Lip Balm   - 1x Moisturizing Hand Cream    Prize 2 Luxe Pampering Set   - 1x Tatcha Indigo Soothing Silk Hand Cream   - 1 Pair of Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist 24 Eye Mask   - 1x Shiseido White Lucent Power Brightening Mask


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Mulberry Love // Mini Lily + Bayswater Clutch Review

Instagram Lately // Reviewing my recent Mulberry purchases.

I'm a huge fan of Mulberry - There's something about its simple yet elegant designs that really draws me in.  I started with the Bayswater Small Shoulder Bag, which is considered to be the brand's iconic style and gradually added to my collection with other classics such as the Lily. 

During my deal hunt on July 4th weekend, I spotted a sale event on Mulberry U.S. website (About 20% to 30% off) that included some of their classic and popular styles such as Lily and Bayswater.  I shared that on my Instagram feed...hopefully all of you Mulberry fans out there were able to take advantage of that! 

I know that even with the discounts, their bags are still not cheap, but the only other times I'd see such discounts is from flash sale sites such as Rue La La with one downside - Luxury bag flash sale is often final/non-returnable.

This time, I was being very good and only purchased these two...Continue reading below to see my detailed reviews of them.

Recent Mulberry purchases // Mini Lily in Neon Blue and Bayswater Clutch in Black.
Reviewing the Mulberry Bayswater Clutch in Black.

Bayswater Clutch in Black //  Mulberry clutch is one of Princess Kate's favorite accessories, so I figure I can't go wrong with having one for myself!  I love Bayswater and own the small shoulder bag.  This clutch does not disappoint - It's such a classic piece and can be used as a clutch for more formal settings (remove the chain) or as a crossbody for more casual activities.  It's a perfect day-to-night bag.  It's also a good size for travels and sightseeing with different compartments built in to help keep things organized. P.S. Photo shows iPhone 6.

Buying Recommendation //  If this is your first Mulberry purchase, I recommend getting something from the Bayswater collection.  If you're trying to keep your budget down, this clutch is a great choice because you can get many uses out of it (casual and formal events).  If you can stretch your budget, the iconic Bayswater small shoulder bag would be a good investment as well. 

Reviewing the Mulberry Bayswater Clutch in Black.

Reviewing the Mulberry Mini Lily Handbag in Neon Blue.

Mini Lily in Neon Blue //  I have a medium Lily in pale yellow (limited-time color and no longer available) and want to add another one to my collection.  I know that this mini would be on the small side, but I am surprised by how mini it really is.  The iPhone 6 barely fits in there and stretches the bag beyond its normal shape.  Because the Lily's design is a bit more playful or casual than the clutch, I find it more suitable for daytime and this mini version won't fit extra items I bring along such as sunnies and sunscreen (after putting essentials in).

Buying Recommendation //  If you're shopping for your first Mulberry, I recommend getting the Bayswater clutch as mentioned above.  If you prefer the Lily and can stretch your budget, I recommend getting the medium size and only consider this mini version for your later purchases.  I myself am considering returning this because it's not a very practical piece for what I need.

Reviewing the Mulberry Mini Lily Handbag in Neon Blue.
Reviewing the Mulberry Mini Lily Handbag in Neon Blue.
Reviewing the Mulberry Mini Lily and Bayswater Clutch //   How to care for your Mulberry    Not Very Scratch-Resistant //  I am extra extra careful with my Mulberry bags because the textured leather does get scratched fairly easily.  Be especially careful with your nails - I have accidentally scratched my Lily with my nails and I don't even have long nails!  Luckily, it was on the back side of the bag.     Proper Storage //  Always keep your bags in the dust bags that come with each purchase as well as keep them in a dark, cool place.  Also, allow the bags and the leather to "breathe", so only close the dust bag half way.
Reviewing the Mulberry Mini Lily and Bayswater Clutch //   How to care for your Mulberry    Carry-On Only //  I don't ever put my bags (or any other luxe items) in checked luggage because there has been too many cases where things are being stolen right out of people's suitcases by airport crew who handles them.  I don't want to take my chances, so I keep my treasures close to me when I travel!

Here are a few more in my collections as previously shared on Instagram...Let me know if you have any questions on these styles!

Mulberry Medium Lily in Pale Yellow // Part of the main collection.

Mulberry Medium Lily in Pale Yellow // Part of the main collection.

Mulberry Primose in Red // Part of a limited edition and the last collection designed by former creative director, Emma Hill.

Mulberry Primose in Red // Part of a limited edition and the last collection designed by former creative director, Emma Hill.

Mulberry Bayswater Small Shoulder Bag // Part of the main collection.

Mulberry Bayswater Small Shoulder Bag // Part of the main collection.

Do you have a Mulberry that you treasure and love or any other leather bags that are near and dear to your heart?  I would love to hear any of your own shopping or care tips for leather bags!

Thanks for stopping by!


Instagram Lately // Travel Beauty Essentials

Traveling home and spending time with families the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.

I'm always happy to be home, but this trip is super special because I get to see my niece and nephew who are visiting from Hong Kong!  They grow up so fast, and I'm bummed that I don't get to see them more often.  I know they love sweets, so I've already planned out all the dessert places I can take them to!

Speaking of travel, there are certain beauty products I just can't live without.

Sharing my travel essentials - what's in my carryon cosmetic bag.

Dior Nail Glow //  I'm often running errands up until the moment I have to head to the airport, so there's hardly time to spare for a nice mani.  I'm so happy I have this nail polish because even though it goes on clear, once it's dried, it gives my nails this rosy pink glow as if I've had a mani.  If you've used the Dior Addict Lip Glow, it's very similar concept here.  I highly recommend this for both travel and for in between manicures.

Hand Sanitizer //  I know it's not for everyone - My mom gets a rash when she uses it.  If it's suitable for you though, this is something I can't travel without because it's a safe-guard for my own health and sanity.

Eau de Toilette //  I try to buy or ask for a mini version of my favorite scent to stuff in my travel cosmetic bag.  For one thing, I've had to run to connecting flights one too many times and this helps me stay fresh and not scare my seatmates.  You can also use it to guard against your seatmates if they happen to smell not so fresh themselves!

Hand Cream //  Oh how I love hand cream.  I have an embarrassingly large collection, but it's not often that I get my hands on a real mini version for space-saving purposes.  With the skin-drying soaps they use at airports and in-flight, hand cream is a must in my bag!

Lip Gloss //  If I can only bring 5 items to a desert island, lip gloss will for sure be one of the items.  I love the ones that give my lips just a hint of pink color.  I feel so incomplete without one in my bag.

Blotting Paper //  My combo/oily skin gets slightly out of whack during my travels.  Different environment, stress, cabin air - All of that contribute to oilier-than-normal skin and a pack of blotting paper is a must in my cosmetic case!

Cosmetic Case //  I own more cosmetic cases than I'd ever need!  They do come in handy though when you do carry-on only.  I usually go for medium-sized versions, which can double as my skincare bag in order to save room in my luggage. 

Shown in Photo (From Left)

Dior Nail Glow // Store-Brand Hand Sanitizer //

Diptyque Eau Rose Eau de Toilette (Only roll-on is available) //

Tatcha Indigo Soothing Silk Hand Cream (Go for travel size) //

Fresh Sugar Rose Shine Lip Treatment // Daiso Rose Essence Oil Blotting Paper //  

Liberty London Iphis Leather Cosmetic Case (Red is no longer available) //

24 Hours in New York City // Korea Town Beauty Shopping & Yummy Dessert Tasting

Sharing my 24-Hours Adventure in NYC // Beauty shopping in Korea Town. Shown here: Nature Republic Store on W 32nd Street.

My brother flew in from Asia and one of his short stops was New York City, so I flew down there to meet up with him.  We had some great meals and museum visits, but of course, when it came to beauty shopping in Korea Town, he opted out.  No worries, my trusted roommate from college @concon95 (who lives in NYC) was more than happy to go with me since she's just starting to dabble into the exciting world of Asian Beauty!

Given my 24-hours time limit in the city, I could only afford to be in K-Town for 1.5 hours.  It's not an issue as it was a Sunday and all the shops were pretty quiet.  I drew up this so-not-to-scale map of the key part of K-Town we ventured to - On West 32nd St, between Broadway and 5th Ave.  In this short block, you can hit all the major K-Beauty brands and taste some super yummy Korean food and desserts.

~ FUeling up before our express shopping spree ~

I've been to a few really great dessert places in NYC, but I've never ventured into K-Town before.  I did some homework prior to arrival and found Grace Street as one of the new faces in the K-Town dessert scene.  It has some rave reviews and it sure did not disappoint! 

P.S. I included 2 honorary mentions on the map for food - BCD Tofu House (which I frequently visit in California and love their tofu stews) and H-Mart (which is a Korean supermarket...I don't think I need to tell you why it's a must-see!)

Sharing my 24-Hours Adventure in NYC // Fueling up for the shopping spree at Grace Street Coffee & Dessert.  Highlight // Korean Dessert and Perfect Hangout Spot  Highly Recommended // Hodduk (Korean donuts), Shaved Snow, Savory Waffle Sandwich
Sharing my 24-Hours Adventure in NYC // Fueling up for the K-Beauty shopping spree at Grace Street Coffee & Dessert.  The food here is the star, but Grace Street is also a great place to hang out or use as your remote ffice!  The staff doesn't rush you and there are plenty of space/seating for everyone. I also love all the long communal tables, giving it a very friendly, easy-going vibe. Perfect place to fuel up before your k-beauty shopping!
Sharing my 24-Hours Adventure in NYC // Fueling up for the K-Beauty shopping spree at Grace Street Coffee & Dessert.  Shaved Snow:  You can order Grace Street's signatures or you can make your own.  I opted for my own creation - Milk snow, sweet red bean, mochi and misutgaru (grain powder). Sweetness overload!  Hodduk:  These donuts are made-toorder, looking mighty golden when served.  Topped with a heavy load of powder sugar and complimented with matcha ice cream, this is a match-made in food heaven.  Savory Waffle Sandwich:  There are many choices and Miss S opted for this combo of fried eggs + avocado + sesame topping on a freshly made waffle.  Oh, and she loaded up on the "Street Sauce", a secret recipe ofG/S. Need I say more?   *  Not Shown:      Also try their specially  -blended milk tea. I picked the Jasmine version and it was so yummy.       

~ ready for some k-beauty shopping?? ~

With that yummy meal in our stomach, @concon95 and I said goodbye to Miss S and began our express shopping spree.  

Sharing my 24-Hours Adventure in NYC // Shopping for Korean beauty products in Korea Town.  Having to do an express shopping spree in less than 1.5 hours, I was only able to hit 3 stores.....But I've vowed to return!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks @concon95 for express-shopping with me!   


// The face shop //

Sharing my 24-Hours Adventure in NYC // Shopping for Korean beauty products in Korea Town    HIGHLIGHT //     Y  o  u     c  a  n     l  o  a  d     u  p     o  n     t  h  o  s  e     c  u  t  e     c  h  a  r  a  c  t  e  r     m  a  s  k  s     h  e  r  e  !        A  n  d     d  o  n  '  t     f  o  r  g  e  t     t  h  e     s  u  p  e  r     c  u  t  e     K  a  K  a  o     F  r  i  e  n  d  s     C  o  l  l  e  c  t  i  o  n  .        I     a  m     a  l  s  o     i  n     a  w  e     o  f     t  h  e     d  e  c  o  r     a  n  d     h  o  w     t  h  e     s  t  a  f  f     k  e  e  p  s     t  h  i  s     p  l  a  c  e     i  n     s  u  c  h     i  m  m  a  c  u  l  a  t  e     c  o  n  d  i  t  i  o  n  .          SELECTIONS //     I  t  '  s     n  o     c  o  m  p  a  r  i  s  o  n     t  o     t  h  e     M  o  t  h  e  r     L  a  n  d     s  t  o  r  e     i  n     S  e  o  u  l  ,     b  u  t     I     t  h  i  n  k     t  h  e  y     c  a  r  r  y     a     p  r  e  t  t  y     g  o  o  d     v  a  r  i  e  t  y     o  f     t  h  e  i  r     k  e  y     c  o  l  l  e  c  t  i  o  n  s  .        T  h  e  r  e     a  r  e     s  o  m  e     o  u  t  -  o  f  -  s  t  o  c  k     i  n     t  h  e     n  e  w     a  r  r  i  v  a  l     s  u  c  h     a  s     K  a  K  a  o     c  o  s  m  e  t  i  c  s  .        W  e     m  a  d  e     r  e  l  a  t  i  v  e  l  y     s  m  a  l  l     p  u  r  c  h  a  s  e  s  ,     b  u  t     w  e     w  e  r  e     o  f  f  e  r  e  d     s  a  m  p  l  e  s     (  a     m  a  s  k     +     t  r  a  v  e  l     s  i  z  e     d  u  o  )  .    PRICING //     I  t  '  s     r  e  a  s  o  n  a  b  l  y     p  r  i  c  e  d     a  n  d     c  o  m  p  a  r  a  b  l  e     t  o     t  h  e     m  a  r  k  e  t  p  l  a  c  e  .        T  h  e  r  e     a  r  e     o  n  l  i  n  e     s  t  o  r  e  s     t  h  a  t     h  a  v  e     l  o  w  e  r     p  r  i  c  e  s  ,     b  u  t     w  h  e  n     y  o  u     a  d  d     i  n     s  h  i  p  p  i  n  g     c  h  a  r  g  e  s  ,     i  t     m  a  y     e  n  d     u  p     b  e  i  n  g     t  h  e     s  a  m  e  .        P  l  u  s  ,     y  o  u     c  a  n  '  t     b  e  a  t     t  h  e     a  c  t  u  a  l     e  x  p  e  r  i  e  n  c  e  !    STAFF //     A     f  u  l  l     s  t  a  f  f     w  h  o     i  s     e  a  s  y  -  g  o  i  n  g     a  n  d     k  n  o  w  l  e  d  g  a  b  l  e  .        N  o     o  n  e     f  o  l  l  o  w  s     u  s     a  r  o  u  n  d     a  s     s  u  g  g  e  s  t  e  d     b  y     s  o  m  e     r  e  v  i  e  w  e  r  s     (  m  a  y  b  e     t  h  e  y     t  o  o  k     n  o  t  e  s     a  n  d     c  h  a  n  g  e  d     t  h  e  i  r     p  o  l  i  c  y  )  ,     b  u  t when     w  e     h  a  v  e     q  u  e  s  t  i  o  n  s  ,     t  h  e  y  '  r  e     q  u  i  c  k     t  o     h  e  l  p  .
Sharing my 24-Hours Adventure in NYC // Shopping for Korean beauty products in Korea Town    WHAT WE BOUGHT //       My Stash...   New Real Nature Peony & Lily for Brightening and Revitalizing.    KaKao Friends Character Masks for Brightening, Soothing and Revitalizing.    Real Nature Blueberry & Lemon for Firming and Brightening (Lemon was a free sample).    KaKao Friends Natural SunEco Baby Sunscreen Cushion and Melting Color Lip Creamer.    Oil Blotting Paper.    @concon95's Stash (Exclude duplicates)...   Cleansing Puff.    New Real Nature Green Tea & White Tea for Purifying and Illuminating.    Jeju Volcanic Lava Nose Strips.    *We both received free samples of  "The Therapy"  Travel Size    Duo & Real Nature Lemon Masks.


// nature republic //

Sharing my 24-Hours Adventure in NYC // Shopping for Korean beauty products in Korea Town    HIGHLIGHT //     I     l  o  v  e     N  R     p  r  o  d  u  c  t  s  ,     b  u  t     e  v  e  r  y     t  i  m  e     I     w  a  l  k     i  n  t  o     o  n  e     o  f     t  h  e  i  r     s  t  o  r  e  s  ,     I     a  m     m  o  r  e     d  r  a  w  n     t  o     t  h  e  i  r     s  t  o  r  e     d  e  s  i  g  n  s  .     -     T  h  e     d  r  a  m  a  t  i  c     h  i  g  h     c  e  i  l  i  n  g  ,     l  i  n  e  s     o  f     b  r  i  g  h  t  l  y  -  l  i  t     s  h  e  l  v  e  s  ,     p  e  r  f  e  c  t  l  y     s  t  o  c  k  e  d     m  e  r  c  h  a  n  d  i  s  e  .  .  .  a  n  d     t  h  e     c  e  n  t  r  a  l     t  e  s  t  i  n  g     s  t  a  t  i  o  n     t  h  a  t     r  e  a  l  l  y     e  n  c  o  u  r  a  g  e  s     c  u  s  t  o  m  e  r  s     t  o     t  r  y     t  h  e  i  r     p  r  o  d  u  c  t  s  .          SELECTIONS //     I  t  '  s     c  l  o  s  e     t  o     f  u  l  l  -  h  o  u  s  e     g  i  v  e  n     t  h  e     s  i  z  e     o  f     t  h  i  s     s  t  o  r  e  .        I     a  m     p  a  r  t  i  c  u  l  a  r  l  y     e  x  c  i  t  e  d     a  b  o  u  t     t  h  e     c  o  s  m  e  t  i  c  s     s  e  c  t  i  o  n     b  e  c  a  u  s  e     I     b  o  u  g  h  t     a     N  R     l  i  p  s  t  i  c  k     i  n     S  e  o  u  l     a  n  d     h  a  v  e     b  e  e  n     l  o  o  k  i  n  g     t  o     b  u  y     m  o  r  e     o  f     t  h  e  i  r     c  o  s  m  e  t  i  c  s  ,     b  u  t     w  a  n  t     t  o     b  e     a  b  l  e     t  o     t  r  y  /  t  e  s  t     f  i  r  s  t  .        N  o     s  a  m  p  l  e  s     w  e  r  e     o  f  f  e  r  e  d     t  o     u  s  .          PRICING //     I     s  e  e     a     r  a  n  g  e     o  f     p  r  i  c  e     d  i  f  f  e  r  e  n  c  e  s     v  s     e  -  t  a  l  i  e  r  s  .        S  o  m  e     i  t  e  m  s     a  r  e     c  h  e  a  p  e  r     h  e  r  e     a  n  d     s  o  m  e     a  r  e     m  u  c  h     c  h  e  a  p  e  r     e  l  s  e  w  h  e  r  e  ,     b  u  t     I  '  d     s  h  o  p     i  n  -  s  t  o  r  e     f  o  r     t  h  e     c  o  s  m  e  t  i  c  s     s  i  n  c  e     I     c  a  n     t  e  s  t     t  h  e     c  o  l  o  r  s  .    STAFF //     T  h  i  s     i  s     n  o  t     n  e  c  e  s  s  a  r  i  l  y     a     n  e  g  a  t  i  v  e     t  h  i  n  g  ,     b  u  t     c  o  m  p  a  r  i  n  g     t  o     t  h  e     o  t  h  e  r     2     s  t  o  r  e  s  ,     t  h  e     s  t  a  f  f     h  e  r  e     s  e  e  m  s     m  o  r  e     s  u  b  d  u  e  d     -     T  h  e  y     a  r  e     n  o  t     r  u  d  e     j  u  s  t     n  o  t     v  e  r  y     l  i  v  e  l  y  .        I     f  e  e  l     t  h  a  t     t  h  e  y     f  o  c  u  s     m  o  r  e     o  n     k  e  e  p  i  n  g     a     w  a  t  c  h  f  u  l     e  y  e  s     o  n     p  o  t  e  n  t  i  a  l     t  h  e  f  t     t  h  a  n     o  n     t  r  y  i  n  g     t  o     h  e  l  p     c  u  s  t  o  m  e  r  s  .
Sharing my 24-Hours Adventure in NYC // Shopping for Korean beauty products in Korea Town    WHAT WE BOUGHT //       My Stash...   R  e  a  l     F  r  e  s  h     O  l  i  v  e     &     B  l  u  e  b  e  r  r  y     f  o  r     H  y  d  r  a  t  i  n  g     a  n  d     R  e  v  i  t  a  l  i  z  i  n  g  .    A  q  u  a     C  o  l  l  a  g  e  n     S  o  l  u  t  i  o  n     M  a  r  i  n  e     H  y  d  r  o  g  e  l     E  y  e     P  a  t  c  h  .    M  u  l  t  i     P  a  t  c  h     A  l  o  e     (  c  a  n     b  e     u  s  e  d     a  n  y  w  h  e  r  e  )  .    G  l  o  s  s  y     L  i  p  s  t  i  c  k  .    @concon95's Stash (Exclude duplicates)...   B  l  a  c  k  h  e  a  d     C  l  e  a  r     N  o  s  e     P  a  c  k  .    A  l  o  e     V  e  r  a     9  0  %     B  o  d  y     C  r  e  a  m  .


// The Mask Bar//

Sharing my 24-Hours Adventure in NYC // Shopping for Korean beauty products in Korea Town   HIGHLIGHT //  If you're looking for a 1-stop-shop for sheetmasks, this is the place to go (especially if you're under a huge time crunch!).  It's also great to be able to see some of the masks in real life before purchasing.    SELECTIONS //  Although it's a very small shop, they pack in quite a large selections, from the long-time favorites to the latest and greatest.  Not sure if it's because we didn't buy enough, but there was no samples offered to me or @concon95.   PRICING //  I'd say it's comparable to the marketplace.  An example - The "I'm Sorry For My Skin" mask is $5.00 each, which is about what you'd see out there.  The plus is that you don't have to pay for shipping.    STAFF //  Love the two women who was working there during our visit.  They were friendly and helpful, but not pushy.     
Sharing my 24-Hours Adventure in NYC // Shopping for Korean beauty products in Korea Town    WHAT WE BOUGHT //       My Stash...   I  '  m     S  o  r  r  y     F  o  r     M  y     S  k  i  n     f  o  r     P  o  r  e     C  a  r  e  ,     B  r  i  g  h  t  e  n  i  n  g  ,     R  e  v  i  t  a  l  i  z  i  n  g  .    H  o  l  i  k  a     H  o  l  i  k  a     J  u  i  c  y     M  a  s  k     S  h  e  e  t     B  l  u  e  b  e  r  r  i  e  s     f  o  r     B  r  i  g  h  t  e  n  i  n  g  .    @concon95's Stash...   P  i  g     N  o  s  e     1  -  2  -  3     N  o  s  e     P  o  r  e     C  l  e  a  r  i  n  g     S  y  s  t  e  m  .    S  a  l  l  y  '  s     B  o  x     F  r  i  e  n  d  l  y     A  r  g  a  n     H  a  i  r     M  a  s  k  .

~ must shop more! ~

I can't believe I live so close to New York City and I don't go down there more often!  But now that I know all the "treasures" I can find there, plus having found my new Asian Beauty shopping buddy, I'll be making more visits to the fabulous Big Apple.  I do want to venture into Chinatown on my next trips to explore other Asian Beauty brands that are not available in K-Town.  Any suggestions on other Asian Beauty brands I should explore?  Leave me a comment below!

~ and i want to share this with you... ~

Needless-to-say, @concon95 and I have collected quite a few pieces of new masks to try (and nose strips for her)!  It's been so much fun reading all of your mask reviews on Instagram and I love it when you ladies share some honest insights to help me figure out if a mask is "worthy" to be added to the stash.  With that inspiration in mind, I am launching a new series where me and a few guest writers will share our utmost honest reviews on sheet masks we love and, sometimes, meh, not love.  I hope you'll join us on this new adventure on Hula With Me!

Thanks for stopping by!

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