Dior Forever & Ever Wear Extreme Perfection & Hold Makeup Base

Reviewing the Dior Forever & Ever Wear Extreme Perfection & Hold Makeup Base.

~ It's Beauty Sample Monday! ~

Below is a review of this lovely makeup/face primer from Dior that I've upgraded from my Sephora sample.

🔎 Aim at setting up a smooth base for better makeup application.

How It Works // Use as a makeup primer or a face primer on no-mu days.

✔️ Suitable For // I want to say “universal”, but think it’s better for oilier skin as it has a mattifying effect. I notice my face is not as oily when using this vs other primers.
✔️ Foundation-Free // I apply this to face, cover spots with concealer, + blush, fill in eyebrows & dust face w/translucent powder. No need for foundation & skin still looks polished!
✔️ Velvety Soft // I have issue with pores & once applied, it smooths pores out, so it’s possible to wear this alone. With makeup, this helps set a smooth base for foundation application.
✔️ Comes with Sun Protection // SFP 20 & PA++ (Titanium Dioxide+Octinoxate). You guys know how much I ❤️ this benefit!
✔️ A Little Goes A Long Way // Only need a nickel size. At $45 USD per bottle, this is a huge help!

Not Suitable For // I can’t think of anything to call out except what I mentioned above.
Some Unhappy Users // While there’s a consensus that this helps keep makeup in place, some argue that they haven’t seen any pore-minimizing or blemish-reducing benefits. I am able to benefit from both of these, but every skin is different. Hence, my next point...

💡 Ask For A Sample // As you can see, I got a sample pack from Sephora before upgrading to full size. I’m sure the Dior beauty counter has it, too.

💰 Buy/No Buy // ✅ Buy!!

P.S. Join my friends on Instagram @blanckittyyy & @pictures.at.an.exhibition on their #samplestashbegone challenge! Major motivation to use up those samples!

Instagram Lately // Travel Beauty Essentials

Traveling home and spending time with families the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.

I'm always happy to be home, but this trip is super special because I get to see my niece and nephew who are visiting from Hong Kong!  They grow up so fast, and I'm bummed that I don't get to see them more often.  I know they love sweets, so I've already planned out all the dessert places I can take them to!

Speaking of travel, there are certain beauty products I just can't live without.

Sharing my travel essentials - what's in my carryon cosmetic bag.

Dior Nail Glow //  I'm often running errands up until the moment I have to head to the airport, so there's hardly time to spare for a nice mani.  I'm so happy I have this nail polish because even though it goes on clear, once it's dried, it gives my nails this rosy pink glow as if I've had a mani.  If you've used the Dior Addict Lip Glow, it's very similar concept here.  I highly recommend this for both travel and for in between manicures.

Hand Sanitizer //  I know it's not for everyone - My mom gets a rash when she uses it.  If it's suitable for you though, this is something I can't travel without because it's a safe-guard for my own health and sanity.

Eau de Toilette //  I try to buy or ask for a mini version of my favorite scent to stuff in my travel cosmetic bag.  For one thing, I've had to run to connecting flights one too many times and this helps me stay fresh and not scare my seatmates.  You can also use it to guard against your seatmates if they happen to smell not so fresh themselves!

Hand Cream //  Oh how I love hand cream.  I have an embarrassingly large collection, but it's not often that I get my hands on a real mini version for space-saving purposes.  With the skin-drying soaps they use at airports and in-flight, hand cream is a must in my bag!

Lip Gloss //  If I can only bring 5 items to a desert island, lip gloss will for sure be one of the items.  I love the ones that give my lips just a hint of pink color.  I feel so incomplete without one in my bag.

Blotting Paper //  My combo/oily skin gets slightly out of whack during my travels.  Different environment, stress, cabin air - All of that contribute to oilier-than-normal skin and a pack of blotting paper is a must in my cosmetic case!

Cosmetic Case //  I own more cosmetic cases than I'd ever need!  They do come in handy though when you do carry-on only.  I usually go for medium-sized versions, which can double as my skincare bag in order to save room in my luggage. 

Shown in Photo (From Left)

Dior Nail Glow // Store-Brand Hand Sanitizer //

Diptyque Eau Rose Eau de Toilette (Only roll-on is available) //

Tatcha Indigo Soothing Silk Hand Cream (Go for travel size) //

Fresh Sugar Rose Shine Lip Treatment // Daiso Rose Essence Oil Blotting Paper //  

Liberty London Iphis Leather Cosmetic Case (Red is no longer available) //