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Dior Forever & Ever Wear Extreme Perfection & Hold Makeup Base

Reviewing the Dior Forever & Ever Wear Extreme Perfection & Hold Makeup Base.

~ It's Beauty Sample Monday! ~

Below is a review of this lovely makeup/face primer from Dior that I've upgraded from my Sephora sample.

🔎 Aim at setting up a smooth base for better makeup application.

How It Works // Use as a makeup primer or a face primer on no-mu days.

✔️ Suitable For // I want to say “universal”, but think it’s better for oilier skin as it has a mattifying effect. I notice my face is not as oily when using this vs other primers.
✔️ Foundation-Free // I apply this to face, cover spots with concealer, + blush, fill in eyebrows & dust face w/translucent powder. No need for foundation & skin still looks polished!
✔️ Velvety Soft // I have issue with pores & once applied, it smooths pores out, so it’s possible to wear this alone. With makeup, this helps set a smooth base for foundation application.
✔️ Comes with Sun Protection // SFP 20 & PA++ (Titanium Dioxide+Octinoxate). You guys know how much I ❤️ this benefit!
✔️ A Little Goes A Long Way // Only need a nickel size. At $45 USD per bottle, this is a huge help!

Not Suitable For // I can’t think of anything to call out except what I mentioned above.
Some Unhappy Users // While there’s a consensus that this helps keep makeup in place, some argue that they haven’t seen any pore-minimizing or blemish-reducing benefits. I am able to benefit from both of these, but every skin is different. Hence, my next point...

💡 Ask For A Sample // As you can see, I got a sample pack from Sephora before upgrading to full size. I’m sure the Dior beauty counter has it, too.

💰 Buy/No Buy // ✅ Buy!!

P.S. Join my friends on Instagram @blanckittyyy & on their #samplestashbegone challenge! Major motivation to use up those samples!