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Skincare On The Go // A Guide to Organizing & Packing Your Skincare for Travel

A guide to organizing and packing your skincare for travel.
Carry-On Only!   My first carry-on-only experience......     Took place when we traveled to Phuket, Thailand, for a friend's wedding and planned a few other stops along the way. Since we're only staying at each of these stops for 1-2 days, we decided to play it safe and do carry-on only. Who wants to stress over lost luggage when you only have 48 hours to enjoy a new city?!      At the same time, I wanted to save some rooms for souvenirs. I scratched my head as it sounded like a daunting task to squeeze all my beauty needs into a tiny suitcase AND leave rooms for shopping, but turns out, it's not as bad as I have thought and with the help of the right tools,    you can do it, too! 
Packing Light with MUJI - Take 1   A  s     m  u  c  h     a  s     I     l  o  v  e     a  d  m  i  r  i  n  g     a     p  e  r  f  e  c  t     l  i  n  e  u  p     o  f     m  y     s  k  i  n  c  a  r  e  ,     d  o  w  n  s  i  z  i  n  g     i  s     k  e  y     w  h  e  n     i  t     c  o  m  e  s     t  o     p  a  c  k  i  n  g     l  i  g  h  t  .        T  h  e  s  e     M  U  J  I     c  o  n  t  a  i  n  e  r  s     a  r  e     g  r  e  a  t     t  o     h  e  l  p     y  o  u     m  a  x  i  m  i  z  e     y  o  u  r     s  t  o  r  a  g  e     s  p  a  c  e     w  h  i  l  e     a  l  l  o  w  i  n  g     y  o  u     t  o     h  a  v  e     a     f  u  l  l     s  k  i  n  c  a  r  e     r  i  t  u  a  l     o  n     t  h  e     g  o  !
Packing Light with MUJI - Take 1   SIZES  // So many to choose from to accommodate different product types. For items like essence, you don't need to bring a lot as you only use a little bit, but with haircare or face cream, you may want to bring a larger bottle or jar.    DISPENSERS  // Choose the right dispensing method for certain items such as toner (spray) and essence (pump).   CONTAINER TYPES  // Again, many for you to choose from. You can use the jars for heavier cream or moisturizer that can't really be dispensed through a pump.    TOOLS  // Tools like this funnel (left photo) help you transfer product safely to the travel containers.   REMINDER // Products that are sensitive to light  can't be exposed to any light source as some ingredients will lose their effectiveness. You should use a non-clear container or do what I do here the old-fashioned way - Colored tape!  General rule-of-thumb : If the full-size is in a non-clear container, then your travel size should follow suit.  And sunscreen must be in a non-clear container!


// Tips on Organizing Your Many Look-Alike Bottles //

  • Place a piece of scotch/clear tape on each bottle and write the product name or product type on the tape.
  • Using scotch/clear tape as bottle labels makes it super easy to remove when your trip is done.  Trust me, removing those white sticky label was painful!


Packing Light with MUJI - Take 2   Don't underestimate the storage power of this little bag!    Wait til you see how it opens up on both sides and how much you can squeeze in all the compartments. 
Packing Light with MUJI - Take 2
Packing Light with MUJI - Take 2   COMPACT ON THE OUTSIDE, SPACIOUS ON THE INSIDE   I'm able to fit all the bottles on previous section (which is what I need to complete my travel skincare ritual) on one side as shown. On the other side, I can fit makeup - tools, tubes (concealer, mascara, etc), blush/highlighter compact and other essentials.     NEED MORE ROOM? NO WORRY!   I'm a minimalist with makeup, so this may not seem to be enough space for more, but I can still squeeze more things in there once I've filled up all the compartments. If you need more room for your makeup stash though, you can essentially use another one and it still won't take up too much space in your luggage.     I travelled to Asia (with multiple stops) with just one MUJI bag and I was able to fit 95% of my needs with the remaining 5% stuffed in nooks and crannies in my luggage...   The goal is to save room for shopping! 


// Tips on Downsizing Your Skincare //

  • I normally rotate among 2-3 different items for each step and I'm sure many of you do the same. Unless you're traveling for more than a month, my advice is to choose your most favorite one from the rotation and bring just 1 item per step. Every little bottle starts to add up in weight and space and it's best to save yourself the headache of dragging heavy suitcases around.
  • If you feel like you're really missing out on certain pampering by not bringing all your normal options, opt for treatment items (discussed below) that tend to be smaller in size (think sheetmasks or sample-size/pod-size items).


Self-Pampering Skin Care Travel Essentials   I don't skim on my skincare ritual even when I travel and have to pack light! Travel adds stress to your body and your skin, so it's even more important to keep up with not just your normal steps, but also these pampering treatments. 
My Traveling Must-Have's Pampering Treatments Include The Following Categories.....    FACE-Brightening   // All those selfies that you're planning to take? You want to look glowy, right? Bring a brightening mask.    My Pick:  Dr. Jart+ Brightening Solution Sheetmask.    EYES-Nourishing   // Whether you have dark circles or not, lack of sleep while traveling is so unforgiving on our eyes. Recuperate with an eye mask.     My Pick:  Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist 24 Pure Retinol.    FEET   // Mainly for summer travels where you'd be showing off your fave sandals - Keeping those heels nice and moisturized with a foot mask.     My Pick:  Daiso Foot Mask.    FACE-Hydrating   // We're all aware of the drying circulated air in-flight. Keeping your skin hydrated while traveling requires some extra help. Bring sheetmasks for nightly upkeep & a leave-on mask for in-flight hydration.      My Pick:   My Beauty Diary Damask Rose Sheetmask + GlamGlow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment.    EYES-Refreshing   // I tend to not sleep well on hotel beds and wake up looking like a zombie. Along with eye masks, bring a quick eye refresher in case you're just too tired to mask the night before (this one takes only 3 min!).     My Pick:   GlamGlow BrightMud Eye Treatment. Tip: Use one side of a pack for both eyes!
Body Care Travel Essentials   How many of you have slathered yourself with the hotel body lotion only to notice that your skin is still dry? I'm not super picky with body care, but there are a few things I bring along for my own comfort. 
My Traveling Must-Have's Body Care Includes The Following Categories.....    BODY-Moisturizing   // I lotion up every night at home, so no surprise that I do the same when traveling. Tips: I use facial moisturizer samples that are too rich for my face and use as body lotion. They help you save space!    My Pick:   Any samples! Currently using First Aid Beauty (these are ultra rich & thick!).    BODY-Freshening   // I have collected a huge box of perfume samples and traveling is the perfect time to try them out! Also, these saved me many times from very unpleasant smell in the cabin.     My Pick:  Any perfume samples! Currently using Diptyque's.    BODY-Cleansing   // Whenever I have travel-size bodywash, I bring them along. It's at a lower priority, so only if space allows for it.       My Pick:   Cowshed Mini Bath & Shower Gel (I got a gift set of 7 mini's).    HANDS-Moisturizing   // How many times did you wash your hands at the airport/airplane bathroom and the soap just dries up your hands so much?! I trust only my own hand cream to save the day, no exception.    My Pick:   Tatcha Indigo Soothing Silk Hand Cream (Travel Size).
Travel In-Flight Skin Care Essentials   For the long-haul flights (such as the ones to/from Asia), I remove all makeup and do a full skincare ritual in-flight. I also spray my face with this Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist (right) regularly to keep my skin hydrated and apply this cooling Boscia Eye Balm (left) to depuff my panda eyes.
Travel Skincare/Beauty Essentials Shopping Guide


// MUJI Travel Essentials //

// Similar Ones Found on Amazon //








Skin Care/Beauty Giveaway   To help you pack light on your next travel adventure, I'm giving away two (2) travel essentials prizes to two (2) lucky winners.    One prize for each winner   Be sure to read all details below relating to the giveaway!    Prize 1   Cowshed Mini Travel Set   - 2x Mini Bath & Shower Gels   - 1x Natural Lip Balm   - 1x Moisturizing Hand Cream    Prize 2 Luxe Pampering Set   - 1x Tatcha Indigo Soothing Silk Hand Cream   - 1 Pair of Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist 24 Eye Mask   - 1x Shiseido White Lucent Power Brightening Mask


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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access // Deal Hunting for Popular Beauty Brands

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access // Sharing some great beauty finds on sale.

*Scroll down to see details and sale prices of these beauty finds*


I shop at Nordstrom often as the store is known for excellent customer service and flexible return policy.  Also, I find great deals during their sale event, both normal ones and big ones like the Anniversary Sale.  

I do have a Nordstrom credit card, so I am able to have early access to their biggest sale of the year - the Anniversary Sale - where even regular-priced items would be put on sale.  Credit and Debit cardholders have early access to this event, for about a week in advanced of the official start date on 7/22.  There is no additional $ or % off, but cardholders simply get to shop early.

I've combed through the Beauty Exclusives section of the sale and picked out the items below from brands I love and use often.  And they are all under $70!

~ for your body ~

Nordstrom Anniversary Sales Early Access // Kiehl's Creme de Corps


Kiehl’s Jumbo Size Creme de Corps with Pump 33.8oz
Sale $52
After Sale $75

You guys know how much I like this body lotion!  My body stays moisturized for hours after I put it on.  I will be stocking up since this is a true bargain for this luxe item.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access // Kiehl’s Jumbo Size Grapefruit Bath & Shower Liquid Body Cleanser   


Kiehl’s Jumbo Size Grapefruit Bath & Shower Liquid Body Cleanser 33.80z
Sale $33
After Sale $48

My gym provides this body cleanser in the shower stalls.....I love its light soothing scent and my post-shower skin feels nice and soft.  I've been hesitant to invest in my own bottle because I'm not used to buying expensive bodywash, but with this sale, I'm definitely going to buy one!




Note: Both items are eligible for Kiehl's Gift with Purchase offer - Receive deluxe samples of Ultra Facial Cream, Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, Daily Reviving Concentrate & Midnight Recovery Concentrate with $85 Kiehl's purchase.

~ for your home ~

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access // Diptyque Scented Candle Set (Set of 5 1.2oz Candle)  

Diptyque Scented Candle Set (Set of 5 1.2oz Candle)
Early Access $55

You see Diptyque candles all over Instagram, making it so hard to resist from owning one myself!  However, their candles are very pricey, but with this gift set, it's a great way to sample different scents without breaking the bank.  Do note that these are half the size of the brand's normal standalone candles.

Set includes // Baies: featuring notes of blackcurrant and Bulgarian rose // Figuier: featuring notes of the fig tree // Feu de Bois: featuring woody notes // Roses: featuring notes of tender, changing roses // Tubéreuse: featuring notes of the tuberose flower.

Helpful Comparison for Value // A Diptyque 2.4oz candle is $32 each, so a 1.2oz candle would be around $16, making a set of 5 to be around $90 if purchase each candle separately.

Great Gift Option // This set makes a great housewarming gift.  Or if you're like me and like to put together your own gift set, you can also split up the set and include one candle per personalized gift for your friends (and maybe save one for yourself!).

7/26 Update // This candle set is now sold out.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access // Voluspa “Maison Blanc” Mini Tin Candle Trio (One-Wick)

Voluspa “Maison Blanc” Mini Tin Candle Trio (One-Wick)
Sale $15.90
After Sale $21

I bought a Voluspa candle (Bellini scent) years ago and have been a fan every since.  They are pricey though, so I save it for special occasions or maybe a stressful day.  I love this trio set not only for the value (see below for "the math"), but also the soft pastel colors.  Similar to the Diptyque set above, this also makes great gifts for your friends.

Trio includes // Pink Citron: ripe citron grapefruit with a juicy pink center, layered with tart cassis and a heart of subtle rose // Laguna: a fresh blend of California verbena and white freesia // Saijo Persimmon: Japanese saijo persimmon, considered to be the finest gourmet variety, is layered with juicy peach and red currant.

    Helpful Comparison for Value // Each two-wick candle is $16.  These mini’s are one-wick (about half), so each would be around $8 , making a set of 3 to be around $24 if purchase each candle separately.

    More Voluspa Options // 1 more mini tin trio and 2 more two-wick tin trios.  Click here to see these.

    * sells another trio set at $25, but it includes different scents. I personally prefer these scents and the soft pastel color of the tins.

    ~ for your face ~

    Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access // Fresh Beauty Ritual Set.   

    Fresh Beauty Ritual Set
    Early Access $57

    You guys know I am a loyal user of Fresh Soy Face Cleanser because of its mild nature and how it doesn't dry up my skin post-cleansing.  This item alone in the 1.7oz version included in this set is $15.  Plus, the set comes with the popular Rose Face Mask along with two other great items.  I think this is an excellent option for those who want to try Fresh for the first time as you'll get a flavor of what this brand is all about.

    Set Includes // Soy Face Cleanser // Sugar Advanced Therapy for Lips // Rose Face Mask // Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream.  All items are small sizes.

    Similar Set at Sephora // "Black Tea SkinCare: Age-Delay Essentials” Set at $94. Also includes the cult faves Soy Face Cleanser + Sugar Advanced Therapy for Lips, but the rest are from their Black Tea line and does not include the Rose Face Mask.

    Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access // GLAMGLOW “Glamazing GRAVITYMUD” Set

    Early Access $69

    I don't think GLAMGLOW needs much introduction!  This set is a good choice for those who want to try the brand's iconic xxxMUD treatment items (set includes full size).  Plus, the set includes a branded application brush and deluxe sample size of 2 other awesome treatments.  The GRAVITYMUD alone is $69, making this a truly great deal.

    Set Includes // GRAVITYMUD Firming Treatment (Full Size) // SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment // THIRSTYMUD Hydrating Treatment // An application brush.

    No similar set at Sephora.

    7/26 Update // This skincare set is now sold out.

    Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access // GLAMGLOW “Glamazing SUPERMUD” Set

    GLAMGLOW “Glamazing SUPERMUD” Set
    Early Access $69

    Similar to the above GLAMGLOW set, this is also a great deal as the SUPERMUD alone is $69.

    Set Includes // SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment (Full Size), FLASHMUD Brightening Treatment // YOUTHMUD Tinglexfoliate Treatment.

    Similar Set at Sephora // “Stay Sexy Clearing” Set ($69).  Includes SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment (Full Size) + SUPERCLEANSE Daily Clearing Cleanser (Small Size). 

    Photos Credits: All images used in this story are from Norstrom website @

    ~ About the Nordstrom Credit Card ~

    I feel the need to say a few words about this - I am seeing many bloggers advocating readers to apply for the Nordstrom card in order to gain early access to this sale.  I don't know how many of them are sponsored by the retailer.  From my retail days (working in the buying office and in the store), retailers always try to convince you to apply for their cards because they make quite a nice profit from interest if balance is not paid in full and it's a way for them to keep your loyalty with them. 

    The only thing I want to share is to do what is suitable for your own financial situation.  I own the card because I do shop at Nordstrom and Norstrom Rack often (have been since I was in college) and I can truly take advantage of their reward program and their sale events.  I wouldn't recommend getting the card just for this sale or just to gain early access to this sale.  Many items would still be there when the sale starts on 7/22.

    Happy Deal Hunting and thanks for stopping by!


      L'Occitane Inflight Duty Free Exclusive

      L'Occitane hand creams & fragrances gift collection - Inflight duty free exclusives

      One of the things I discovered from flying to/from Asia is the amazing selection from each airline's duty free catalog!  And some of the offerings are exclusive to in-flight shopping only and that makes it even more of a special treat. 

      This beautiful L'Occitane gift set is a perfect example.  It is exclusive to Dragon Air in-flight duty free catalog.

      L'Occitane hand creams & fragrances gift collection - Inflight duty free exclusives

      The set includes three of L'Occitane's popular scents: Roses et Reines, Cherry Blossom, and Verbena (left to right).  Each collection has a pairing of hand cream and eau de toilette and comes with a matching pouch that is exclusive to this set.

      L'Occitane inflight duty free exclusives - Hand cream

      The hand creams are 1.0 oz, perfect to throw in your purse, gym bag, travel bag, etc.

      The eau de toilette are these cute little mini's that look great on your vanity and for traveling as well!

      L'Occitane inflight duty free exclusives - Eau de toilette

      rose et reines

      L'Occitane inflight duty free exclusives - Rose et Reines collection

      If you have read my post on Diptyque, you know I'm addicted to the rose scent.  Naturally, the Rose et Reines is my favorite of the 3 in this gift set. 

      L'Occitane uses a proprietary process where rose petals from Grasse, Bulgaria, Morocco, Turkey and Provence are steeped in oil and become saturated with the natural fragrance of the roses.  I probably wouldn't use the hand cream and eau de toilette at the same time as it is quite a powerful fruity scent, but individually, they are just lovely additions to any outfit.

      The hand cream also doubles as a nail cream.  It contains shea butter and Vitamin E which helps soften the skin while it strengthens the nails.  I think this will become a regular in my in-flight pampering kit!

      Individual items are available -

      Hand Cream 1.0 0z USD $12.00 (Also comes in 2.5 oz for $22.00)

      Eau de Toilette 2.5 oz USD $55.00

      cherry blossom

      L'Occitane inflight duty free exclusives - Cherry Blossom collection

      The Cherry Blossom is a lighter scent.  Cherry Blossoms bloom in the spring and this scent carries that refreshing and rejuvenating feeling as we welcome spring after a long cold winter.

      The star ingredient is a cherry extract from the Luberon region of Provence, France.  "It is because cherry blossoms fly away in the first breeze of spring that they are so rare and precious," says Olivier Baussan, L'Occitane founder.  I can't agree more - Cherry Blossom is one of my favorite flowers as they are so pretty and delicate.  I think that's why I love the pouch so much and have been using it to carry my phone whenever I'm running errands in the neighborhood.

      Individual items are available -

      Hand Cream 1.0 oz USD $12.00 (Also comes in 2.6 oz for $22.00)

      Eau de Toilette 2.5 oz USD $55.00

      Voyage Set USD $28.00 (This is a great value set!)


      L'Occitane inflight duty free exclusives - Verbena collection

      The green verbena leaf is the star of this collection - It grows in abundance in Provence, France and gives out this lemony fragrance that wakes up all your senses.  In this collection, the eau de toilette has a much more powerful verbena lemony scent than the hand cream, so it's also ok to use both at the same time as you pamper yourself. 

      What's unique about the Verbena hand cream is that it gives you this cooling sensation upon application.  A blend of organic verbena extract and tapioca powder helps soothe and absorb, leaving hands dry and cooled.  I think this is perfect for those hot summer days

      Individual items are available -

      Hand Cream 1.0 oz USD $12.00 (Also comes in 2.6 oz for $22.00)

      Eau de Toilette 3.3 oz USD $58.00

      Holiday Bauble Set USD $14.00 (Another great value set, but minus the eau de toilette)

      I can't wait to fly to Asia again and get my hands on some exclusive beauty goodies!  Besides the shopping, I also love the great hospitality by flight crew on these Asian airlines.  They treat everyone with a great smile and, more importantly, with respect.  Something the U.S.-based airlines should learn to do.

      What's your favorite L'Occitane goodie? Do share with me!


      Thanks for stopping by!


      Dreaming of Strawberries - Etude House Spring 2016 Berry Delicious Collection

      Etude House Spring 2016 "Berry Delicious" Collection - Cosmetics and Skin Care

      I know this sounds absolutely crazy, but the new Spring 2016 Etude House collection smells sooooo good that one may have the urge to taste it!  Of course anything from this brand comes with ultra cute packaging, and the Berry Delicious collection is no exception. 

      Etude House Spring 2016 Berry Delicious Collection - Come with ultra cute packaging.

      The cuteness overload starts with these outer cartons, which I refuse to throw out!  Maybe one day, I'd have the time to make some wall art out of all the Etude House cartons.

      strawberry body scrub & body milk

      Etude House Spring 2016 Berry Delicious Collection - Body Care

      What really drew me to Berry Delicious is the body care...especially this thick slice of bread, aka the Strawberry Bread Sponge.  It's cute and hilarious at the same time.  The "bread" is a perfect pairing to the jam-like Strawberry Body Scrub, which contains real strawberry seeds.

      The scrub feels great on the skin.  And I come out of the shower smelling like fresh strawberry.  Who doesn't like that?!!!

      Etude House Spring 2016 Berry Delicious Collection - Strawberry body scrub with bread sponge

      The complimentary Strawberry Body Milk is true to its name - Super milky form and leaves my skin feeling soft and again smelling like strawberry all over.

      Etude House Spring 2016 Berry Delicious Collection - Strawberry body milk

      Available at Etude House U.S. site:

      Body Scrub $11.00

      Body Milk $11.00

      Bread Shower Sponge $3.90 (Currently out of stock)

      Body Scrub + Sponge Set $11.00 (Great value!)

      Body Milk + Sponge Set $11.00 (Currently out of stock)

      strawberry lip jam scrub

      Etude House Spring 2016 Berry Delicious Collection - Strawberry lip jam scrub

      If you have kids in the house, you may want to put this lip scrub in a safe place because it could easily pass as something edible!  The label design resembles that of a jar of jam and it even says "strawberry jam" at the top of the label.

      Etude House Spring 2016 Berry Delicious Collection - Strawberry lip jam scrub

      The texture of the scrub is a bit sticky and contains real strawberry seeds, walnut shell powder and sweet sugar grains.  It doesn't feel harsh on the lips though.

      Application is very simple - Apply on wet lips, gently massage all over and then wash off with lukewarm water.  This is great to do once a week to remove dead skin and promote circulation on the lips.  However, if you have chapped lips or dry lips, I do not recommend using any lip scrub as this process will further irritate the skin on your lips.  My go-to for chapped lips has always been Vasaline Lip's my lip life-saver.

      Available at Etude House U.S. site:

      Lip Jam Scrub $9.10

      Etude House Spring 2016 Berry Delicious Collection - Strawberry lip jam scrub

      color in liquid lips juicy

      Etude House Spring 2016 Berry Delicious Collection - Color In Liquid Lips

      These lippies are extensions of Etude House Color In Liquid Lips collection, but of course, these come with the deliciously-smelling strawberry scent.    

      Etude House Spring 2016 Berry Delicious Collection - Color In Liquid Lips

      The applicator has been modified for Berry Delicious - It is now slightly angled, which makes for easier handling and more precise application.  I know the 2 colors I've picked appear to be similar in this shot, but if you look at swatches below, you'll see the difference.

      Etude House Spring 2016 Berry Delicious Collection - Color In Liquid Lips

      Top Photo: Under direct sunlight // Bottom Photo: Under indoor light

      Etude House Spring 2016 Berry Delicious Collection - Color In Liquid Lips

      I've included 2 colors from the original Color In Liquid Lips collection for comparisons (they are marked in black letters).  In fact, Berry Delicious PK 013 is pretty similar to Original BE 101.  I've also mentioned this in my other Etude House post - It's best to prep with some lip balms as these Liquid Lips tend to dry up the lips after a while.

      Etude House Spring 2016 Berry Delicious Collection - Color In Liquid Lips

      And this is how OR 207 (top) & PK 013 (bottom) look on my lips.  One thing to note is that OR 207 does look more red in real life and PK 013 is more pink/mauve.  It's a bit hard to tell in the photo.


      Available at Etude House U.S. site:

      Color In Liquid Lips - Juicy $12.40 each

      fantastic color eyes

      Etude House Spring 2016 Berry Delicious Collection - Fantastic Color Eyes in Strawberry Fondue

      Last but not least, Berry Delicious' eye shadow palette.  I'm not a huge eye-makeup person, but I can see myself using some of these colors as there is a good mix of natural and shimmery choices.

      Etude House Spring 2016 Berry Delicious Collection - Fantastic Color Eyes in Strawberry Fondue

      I have picked #8 Strawberry Fondue.  The names of the colors are just lovely - Hazelnut Chocolate, Berry Milk Chocolate, Sugary Butter, Cheese Berry, Fresh Strawberry, Dip!Dip!  I feel like I'm in a candy store.

      Etude House Spring 2016 Berry Delicious Collection - Fantastic Color Eyes in Strawberry Fondue

      Here are swatches in the exact same order. The pink & beige shimmery colors (last 2 on the far right) are not too heavy in the shimmer, so they are good for daytime use as well.

      Available at Etude House U.S. site:

      Fantastic Eye Color $16.80 each

      Hope you've enjoyed this review of the Berry Delicious collection!  Writing this post makes me crave some chocolate-covered strawberries right about now...


      Thanks for stopping by!