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24 Hours in New York City // The Food Edition

Sharing my 24-Hours adventure in New York CIty // The Food Edition. Shown: Spot Dessert.

I flew down to New York City recently to meet up with my brother, who flew in from Asia for a short visit.  How short?  It's literally 24 hours in total!  We both have our must-do list - His was museums and mine was k-beauty shopping in Korea Town (read about this part of the adventure here).  But there is one thing we both want and love and that is food!  Given our limited time, here are the two spots we hit in our 24-hours adventure in the Big Apple!

~ caracas arepa bar ~

At first glance, Caracas is not one of those flashy eateries on Manhattan.  If you aren't looking for it, you most likely would have missed it during normal hours. During my first visit many years ago, there was a long wait for a table, so we accepted the offer to sit at this tiny bar in the very back of the restaurant.  I was a bit taken aback at first because it was so dark and cramped, but as soon as the food came out, all my doubts were gone.  And I've been hooked ever since...

Sharing my 24-hours adventure in New York City // Caracas Arepa Bar in East Village.   // HIGHLIGHT //    V  e  n  e  z  u  e  l  a  n  -  S  t  y  l  e     A  r  e  p  a    // HIGHLY RECOMMENDED //      A  r  e  p  a  ,     Y  o  y  o  s  ,     C  o  c  a  d  a  ,     W  e  e  k  l  y     S  p  e  c  i  a  l  s    N  Y  C     h  a  s     a  n     e  n  d  l  e  s  s     l  i  s  t     o  f     g  o  o  d  -  e  a  t  s     t  h  a  t     w  i  l  l     t  a  k  e     a     l  i  f  e  t  i  m  e     t  o     t  r  y     t  h  e  m     a  l  l  ,     b  u  t     t  h  e  r  e     a  r  e     f  e  w     s  p  o  t  s     t  h  a  t     I     j  u  s  t     w  o  u  l  d  n  '  t     m  i  n  d     g  o  i  n  g     b  a  c  k     t  o     o  v  e  r     &     o  v  e  r     a  g  a  i  n     a  n  d     t  h  i  s     i  s     o  n  e     o  f     t  h  e  m  !     A  l  s  o  ,     s  i  n  c  e     m  y     b  r  o  t  h  e  r     i  s     v  i  s  i  t  i  n  g  ,     I     w  a  n  t     t  o     m  a  d  e     s  u  r  e     h  e     h  a  d     a     c  h  a  n  c  e     t  o     t  r  y     s  o  m  e  t  h  i  n  g     h  e     w  o  u  l  d  n  '  t     f  i  n  d     i  n     H  o  n  g     K  o  n  g  .        I  f     y  o  u     d  o  n  '  t     m  i  n  d     t  h  e     p  o  o  r     l  i  g  h  t  i  n  g  ,     s  i  t  t  i  n  g     a  t     t  h  e     b  a  r     l  i  k  e     w  e     d  i  d     g  o  t     u  s     s  e  a  t  e  d     r  i  g  h  t     a  w  a  y  .     O  t  h  e  r  w  i  s  e  ,     i  t     c  a  n     b  e     a     l  o  n  g     w  a  i  t     f  o  r     a     t  a  b  l  e  .
Sharing my 24-hours adventure in New York City // Caracas Aprepa Bar in East Village.  The selection is huge, but we stick with some of my favorite ingredients - Avocado, grilled squid, chicken, plantain...   Hot Queen //   "Pulled  CHICKEN  sauteed with mixed peppers, purple onions & scallions over a spread of house-made herb mayo &  AVOCADO  slices".    Chupe Caraqueno (Limited-Time)  //  "Chicken broth with shredded  CHICKEN , potato, carrot, corn,  AVOCADO , white cheese & a touch of cream".    De Pabellon //   "Shredded beef, black beans, white salty cheese & sweet   PLANTAINS  ".    La Oriental (Limited-Time) //   "Filled with sauteed  SQUID , lots of garlic & herbs crowned with tomato &  AVOCADO  slices".
Sharing my 24-hours adventure in New York City // Caracas Arepa Bar in East Village.  Besides arepa, these goodies are also worth ordering...   Cocada //   "Coconut milkshake with a touch of cinnamon".   *They forgot to mention the generous serving of coconut-flavored whipped cream on top.    Yoyos //   "Sweet plantains with white cheese, fried in a cinnamon plantain batter".   *  This a perfect mix of savory & sweet between the cheese & plantain.

Ordering Tips //

Do it tapas style and share among your party - That way, everyone will get to try different arepas + the delicious starters.  If you order the soup, get small for individual serving or large for sharing.

Getting Here //

Address:  93 1/2 East 7th St, New York (East Village). 

Closest subway stop is Astor Place, but if you're not familiar with NYC's subway system, I highly recommend taking a cab or Uber for convenience.

~ spot dessert bar ~

I was introduced to this East Village dessert hotspot a few years ago.  And I've been coming back to Spot every time I visit NYC because they are just that good!  The staff here is also exceptionally nice and patient even when this place gets super busy during the post-dinner hours.

Sharing my 24-hours adventure in New York City // Spot Dessert Bar in East Village.   // HIGHLIGHT //    A  s  i  a  n  -  S  t  y  l  e     D  e  s  s  e  r  t  s    // HIGHLY RECOMMENDED //      E  v  e  r  y  t  h  i  n  g  !       I meant it when I say "everything" is highly recommended!  Good news is that they have a short menu.      I do recommend going there just before the post-dinner crowd arrives (before 8:00pm). Otherwise, the wait can be more than 30 minutes. We arrived a little before 8pm and got a table right away, but soon after that, a line was formed!
Sharing my 24-hours adventure in New York City // Spot Dessert Bar in East Village.  We opted for Spot's two signature dishes...  Golden Toast //  "Crispy honey-buttered toast with strawberries & condensed milk ice cream". The toast is so crunchy and the condensed milk ice cream is just beyond words!   Chocolate Green Tea Lava Cake //  "Warm dark chocolate cake filled with green tea ganache, with green tea ice cream". This is matcha heaven for me! The cake is so moist and the g/t ganache makes it like no other lava cake.

Ordering Tips //

If you're coming here after dinner like we did, I recommend ordering 1 less dessert than the number of people in your party, for example, order 2 to share among 3 people.  These desserts are pretty rich and heavy!

Getting Here //

Address:  13 St Marks Place, New York (East Village).  There are 2 other locations.

Closest subway stop is Astor Place (less than 1 block from the stop), but if you're not familiar with NYC's subway system, I highly recommend taking a cab or Uber for convenience.  And if you stop by Caracas first, you can walk over here (less than 5 minutes).

~ it's all about the food ~

One of the great things about New York is the extremely wide variety of foods you get to try.  You can go super high-end or budget-friendly.  And what I love is that you also get to choose between fusion and authentic cooking or both, whatever you prefer.  

What are some of your favorite good-eats from your travels? Do share with me here!

Thanks for stopping by!

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