Obsession With Cosmetics Bags

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Dreaming of Phuket......

I am definitely obsessed with cosmetic bags.  I can never turn down a good one when I see it.  These two bags were the results of last-minute shopping at the Phuket airport as we were waiting to board our flight. 

These are just so beautiful and unique...and very affordable - USD $15 (top) and $4.10 (bottom).  I grabbed as many as I could stuff in my emergency shopping bag - my large Longchamp Le Pilage tote - as my boyfriend gave me this bewildered look as in, “where on earth did you pull this tote bag from?”  I also found many other goodies at this airport. I must say, they have some great options for last minute and affordable shopping for a tiny airport. 

If I could go back to Phuket right about now, wouldn’t that be fantastic......


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