Tatcha Skin Care For the Wanderlusts

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Tatcha Skin Care in Travel Size

Tatcha has impressed me ever since I used my very first product two years ago.  The amount of details the brand puts into everything they do - from product quality to package designs - is out of this world.  An example is from a recent order I've placed for some of their travel size items and deluxe samples.  Even though these are either free sample or smaller-size purchases, Tatcha maintains their gold standard across the board.  I feel like I'm receiving the same user experience as those who have purchased their full-size products.  Comparing that to a recent experience from another luxury brand that has given me deluxe samples placed in cheap plastic jar with incorrect labeling of the product.  I know I can't complain when I'm receiving freebies, but this just highlights Tatcha's commitment to customer service which is at a whole different level!

Tatcha's story is a beautiful one, too.  I want to do it justice, so I won't even try to "summarize" it.  You can read about it here.



Tatcha Cleansing Oil Available at (full & travel size) -  Tatcha ,  Sephora .  Photo shows 0.8oz travel size.

Tatcha Cleansing Oil Available at (full & travel size) - Tatcha, Sephora.  Photo shows 0.8oz travel size.

I converted from cleansing wipes to cleansing oil about 2 years ago.  The wipes started to burn my delicate under-eye area, so I decided to give the oil a try...and I haven't looked back ever since!  If you haven't tried cleansing oil, I'd recommend it - Another downside of using wipes is our tendency to rub a bit too hard, and rubbing is never good for our facial skin.  On the contrary, cleansing oil application is more of a gentle circular massaging action.  While it does require an extra step (rinsing with water), the more gentle motion is better for our facial skin.

What Does It Do?   This cleansing oil is non-comedogenic and non-irritating and does not contain mineral oil.  It contains camellia and rice bran oils and promises to melt away even waterproof makeup. 

Texture   A clear oil that feels greasy initially, but it quickly emulsifies into a milky form as you gently massage it onto your skin.

Scent  Very light aromatic scent.  You'll notice that many Tatcha products share this characteristic. 

Usage  I use this to remove makeup.  Recommended usage from the brand is that double-cleansing is not necessary when using this oil.  If I'm not wearing foundation (CC Cushion), I'd cleanse with just the oil as suggested.  Otherwise, I'd still double-cleanse to make sure I remove all traces of foundation. 

Results  Skin feels soft and moist (not greasy) afterward. Also, as stated, even waterproof makeup is gone when using this oil. 

Conclusion  This cleansing oil does the job that all cleansing oils do, but the reasons I'd choose this oil over others are:  1) The aromatic scent that is so soothing.  2) It contains a key ingredient - Camellia Oil - that provides skin health benefits - Vitamins A & E (antioxidants), oleic acid (known to seal in moisturize), Omega 3 (known to reduce chemicals produced by our body as part of aging process), and many more. 



Tatcha Mist Available at -  Tatcha  (full & travel size),  Sephora  (full size only).  Photo shows 0.4oz travel size.

Tatcha Mist Available at - Tatcha (full & travel size), Sephora (full size only).  Photo shows 0.4oz travel size.

I am traveling to Asia soon (i.e. circulated dry air = bad news for skin), so I've been looking for a non-aerosol facial mist that I can put in my carryon.  Since Tatcha was running a 20% off Friends and Family deal, I am trying out the travel size of this bestseller mist.

What Does It Do?   This mist is a spray-on moisturizer that serves as a boost of soothing hydration and promises to deliver dewy, luminous skin.  Key ingredients include squalane (antioxidant), Okinawa red algae (enhance skin's ability to retain moisture), and HADASEI-3 complex (Tatcha's proprietary anti-aging complex).

Texture   This is a milky emulsion that quickly dissolves into skin.

Scent  Very light aromatic scent. 

The milky texture

The milky texture

Usage  I spray all over my face - You can gently pat your face or just let your skin absorb on its own.  Either way works well.    

Results  Note: I have only tested this in a normal setting, ie, not yet on the plane with dry, circulated air.  It's a bit too much hydration for my Combo skin in a normal setting. This would be more suitable for dry skin or for those living in drier climate.  I know my skin definitely gets dry on a plane and I can certainly use some aroma therapy up there, so I'll be able to benefit from this mist at 40,000 feet.    [UPDATE:  Tested up in the air and a total thumbs-up!  I had a crazy travel day on day 1 with multiple flights in a 16-hours window.  This spray helped me keep up with the moisturization exercise and my skin totally thanked me for that!]


I'd recommend buying travel size for in-flight use if you have Combo skin or Oily skin.  For those with Dry skin, this is a convenient hydration booster that comes in a handy mist form (as opposed to having to apply moisturizer with your fingers while you're on the go and risk ruining your makeup).  Comparing to the Shu Uemura Facial Mist I've used in the past, Tatcha's is much more moisturizing.  I can feel the difference immediately.

Another thing to note - I use CC cushion which already has moisturizing benefits, so I really don't need extra hydration in a normal setting.  However, I do recall the days when I used powder or full-coverage foundation and my skin would get a little dry throughout the day.  In that case, this mist would be a good refresher.



Tatcha Indigo Available at -  Tatcha  (full & travel size),  Sephora  (full size only).  Photo shows 0.34oz travel size.

Tatcha Indigo Available at - Tatcha (full & travel size), Sephora (full size only).  Photo shows 0.34oz travel size.

I knew from the get-go that this facial cream would be too rich for my Combo skin, but I am so drawn to the unique color.  I've been seeing this all over social media and, when Sephora offered it as a deluxe sample, I couldn't resist getting it!  Even though it's not suitable for my skin type, this cream contains ingredients that are good for anti-aging as well as certain skin conditions.

What Does It Do?   This is an anti-aging moisturizer that promises to calm and restore skin.  It is also supported by the National Eczema Association as an acceptable product for those suffering from eczema.

Texture   This is an ultra rich cream.  It feels greasy on my face (because of my Combo skin), but feels moisturizing when I use it on my hands and arms.

Scent  Unlike the other two products, this cream has a strange scent.  The best way to describe it is...some flowers have scent that doesn't smell bad, but just not very desirable. It does go away after about 5 minutes, so it doesn't bother me that much.

The beautiful indigo color

The beautiful indigo color

Usage  This is meant to be a facial moisturizer.  Since it doesn't contain SPF, it should be used as a nighttime moisturizer.  I have been using it as a body cream since it is not suitable for my facial skin type and I don't want it to go to waste.  It works just as well. 

The indigo color slowly turns clear as you gently rub onto your skin.

The indigo color slowly turns clear as you gently rub onto your skin.

Results  Results on my facial test won't do justice to this cream since it's not suitable for my Combo skin (or oily skin).  Results on my hands and arms do a better job demonstrating its hydration benefits - My skin feels very moist, but not greasy at all.  Also, don't let the color scares you, the blue color becomes clear once the cream is gently massaged onto skin.  As for the other claims - wrinkle reduction, sensitivity improvement - I can't vouch for those.  If you're interested, check out the product page for some before/after photos here.


Given its richness and its ingredients, this is a good candidate for dry skin, sensitive skin or those looking for an anti-aging nighttime moisturizer.  Its active ingredient - Colloidal Oatmeal - is known to treat, sooth and prevent dry, rough, scaly, and itchy skin.  Aveeno, a drug store brand, also uses this ingredient in some of its products, including the eczema therapy line.  Another noteworthy ingredient is Indigo Extract, which comes from the Japanese Indigo plant, has the ability to heal wounds and provide anti-inflammatory relief.  This cream packs some skin-healing power in a small jar.

The full-size is at a whopping USD $135 - ouch - but not to worry, the $30 travel size I've purchased has a very generous portion that will last quite a while.


Final Thoughts

Tatcha is worth the splurge, but I still get a sticker shock every time.  Good news is that the brand offers a good variety of their top sellers in travel size, and these travel size items have enough content for continuous use for at least a month.  While you do pay more on a per ounce basis, it's a cheaper way to try out a new brand. 

I hope you'll give Tatcha a try! Do share your unique experience with the brand...what are your favorites so far?