Valentine's Day Gift Guide with Etude House - Part I

Sharing my Korean skincare finds at Etude House in Seoul, South Korea.

I feel like we've just celebrated New Year, but tomorrow already marks the first day of the most romantic month of the year!  There are so many special Valentine's Day gifts from every beauty brand, but I have to say, using Etude House makes me feel like everyday is Valentine's Day with its pink and red packaging.  This week, I am rounding up some of my favorites that would make great Valentine's Day gifts, whether you're looking for something to treat yourself, gift to girlfriends, or spice up your special dates.


Eau de Perfume

Etude House Eau de Perfume

Confession - I made my selections based on the names for these perfume.  I have my forever-love-affair with Estee Lauder Pleasure, but thought it'd be nice to switch things up every now and then.  And these are wonderful scents and the cute bottles and packaging will definitely make a nice decorating piece on any vanity. 

Scent (From left to right)

Love Me Forever  This is my favorite as it has a clean floral smell that's not too intense.  Etude House's description says "freesia and sweet peach", but I can't really smell those specifically.  Good for everyday use.  

Fresh Me Up  This is the lightest scent of the 4.  It is a citron-based scent with some leafy-green smell mixed in.  Good for everyday use. 

Before You Go  This one has a strong floral along with fruity smell.  I usually like floral scent a lot, but this perfume is a bit too strong for me.  I say good for special occasions because of that. 

Take Me  This scent is ultra seductive.  It has a hint of vanilla mixed in with floral.  The bold red high-heel on the front says it all!  Perfect for adding some sexiness.

Collective bottles that make for great decor on your vanity.

Long-Lasting  I usually spray perfume one time on each of these areas: Upper chest, upper back, and both wrists.  These perfumes have long-lasting scents that stay throughout the day.

Price & Where to Buy   I paid 11,500 won/USD $9.55 at the Etude House store in Seoul.  I also saw them at the Hong Kong store.  However, this collection is not available on Etude House U.S. website.  Selected scents are available on eBay and Amazon, with prices ranging from USD $13.54 to $21.00. 


Sweet Recipe Cupcakes All Over Color

Etude House Sweet Cupcakes All Over Color

When you see these cute "cupcakes" in person, it's truly impossible to resist them!  I know the colors would be too muted for some, but I'm happy to be just looking at them on my vanity.

Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcakes All Over Color

Collectible Tins  I still cannot get over how cute these cupcake tins are.  I think these make great gifts both for yourself and your girlfriends.  I am also looking forward to when I use up the balm, so that I can re-use these tins as earrings and rings holder! 

Scent  I try very hard to distinguish the four scents, but at the end, they all smell very similar to me - A sweet fruity scent.  There is a difference in the intensity though.  Raspberry Mousse Cake definitely is the sharpest while the other three are a little lighter and on par with each other.  See photos below for the names of each balm.

Texture  Imagine a softer version of a balm.  If you add even slight pressure to your finger as you dip into the pod, your finger will sink right into the content.  As you can see in the Raspberry Mousse Cake pod that I had a little accident when I first opened the lid. Oops! 

Color & Usage  The colors look pretty intense in the pod and also on the initial scoop.  Once blended in though, they become much more muted.  Note that the swatches on my arm were the result of me applying multiple times until the colors show up in the photo.  I think this works well as a lip balm and natural-looking blush, but maybe too light for your eyes. 

Price & Where to Buy  I paid 6,500 won/USD $5.40.  It's not available on Etude House U.S. website, but I did see them at the Hong Kong store.  Amazon also has selected colors, with prices ranging from $2.98 to $7.15.  Keep in mind that shipping charge could cost more than the cupcake itself.


Dreaming Swan Eye & Cheek

Etude House Dreaming Swan Eye & Cheek

Part of the Dreaming Swan collection, this silky primer powder can be used on eyes and cheeks.  It is said to have a blurring effect that smooths out skin and what caught my eyes is the romantic design and the illustrations. 


Kerrie Hess, Australian fashion illustrator who has worked for Chanel, Louis, Vutton, Lancome Paris.

Collaboration  The illustration on this collection is done as a collaboration with someone I love and admire (and follow on IG) - Kerrie Hess, an illustrator from Australia who has worked on projects with designer powerhouses like Chanel and Louis Vuitton.  Find her on IGand you will see her amazing work.  Her work is ultra romantic and chic, and that is definitely showing through the packaging of this Etude House collection. 


Etude House Dreaming Swan Eye & Cheek

Swan Lake  The beloved ballet serves as the backdrop for Dreaming Swan.  When I open the lid, another element of surprise awaits me - An image of a ballerina embossed on the surface of the primer powder.  Absolutely beautiful.  I am not sure if I can ever bring myself to deface such gorgeous design.

Color swatch: Etude House Dreaming Swan Eye & Cheek

Color /Effect   This powder has an ultra light pink shade with shimmer.  In the swatch photo: A - In order to show some color, I am using a q-tip to pick up more product than normal, press hard on my skin and repeat multiple times.  B - With normal application using a blush brush, an extremely light/almost invisible pink with shimmer can be seen.  The intent of this product is to enhance skin tone, so the ultra light shade is totally acceptable.  

Price & Where to Buy  I paid 13,000 won/USD $10.80.  Etude House U.S. website (Currently out of stock) and Amazon carry this item, ranging from $13.94 to $15.60.

Hope you've enjoyed this edition of Valentine's Day gift guide!  I'll be sharing more of my Etude House favorites later this week, so be sure to check back in later. 
What's on your Valentine's Day wishlist?