Shaving Tips: 7 Things You Should Do To Protect Your Skin

My Shaving Essentials:  80 Acres Lotion  // Gillette razor //  Shaveworks™ Get Smooth Duo

My Shaving Essentials: 80 Acres Lotion // Gillette razor // Shaveworks™ Get Smooth Duo

My philosophy, when it comes to skin care, is that we should take care of not only our facial skin but also our body skin because skin damage, whether it's from natural or unnatural causes, doesn't discriminate.  My body from the neck down gets the same royal treatment as my face.  And when it comes to shaving, I pay close attention to my entire process.  Unfortunately, I often get reaction from waxing (even the gentle kind), so shaving has become a must-do for me.  And bad shaving habits can do some bad things to our precious skin, so let's be kind to our skin and do shaving the right way!

Here are 7 things I do consistently to protect my skin when I shave


1. Shave in a warm-water shower and as the very last step  Steam and heat from warm water helps soften hairs and open up follicles.  Since it takes a while for the surrounding to warm up, you may want to wait and shave at the end of your shower.  If you take cold shower, I'd recommend at least running your shaving areas under warm water before shaving.

2. Use shaving cream  Shaving cream helps prep your skin as it moisturizes your skin and softens hair.  Imagine running your razor on dry skin...not only does it damage your skin, you're also increasing the chance of getting nicks and cuts because of a rough shave.  Conditioner will work as well since it has moisturizing benefits.  Soap or body wash (even the moisturizing kind) is intended to deep cleanse, meaning they work hard to strip dirt and oil from your skin, so it's best not to use it for shaving.

3. Switch out razors or razor blades regularly  Not only does over-used razor or razor blade get dull, it can also be a breading ground for bacteria since it is often stored in places with lots of moisture.  I use a combination of disposable and refillable razors and replace each one after 4-5 uses. 

4. Store razor away from the shower head area Placing razors near the shower head maybe convenient, but with water constantly being splashed onto the razor blade, you're increasing the chance of the blade getting rusty.  And shaving with a rusty blade is never a good thing.  

5. Take care of those razor burn Use an extra moisturizing body lotion or special post-shave treatment to care for razor burn.  They may look harmless, but leaving them untreated can potentially leave you with a scar. 

6. Treat the ingrown hair Those darn ingrown hairs! Instead of pushing your razor hard against your skin to get to the ingrown hairs (which could lead to a cut), try to exfoliate the area that you'd typically get them or do a warm-compress over it.  Both tricks will help expose the hair a little more, making it easier to shave them off.

7. Moisturize after each shave Even if you don't have a razor burn, moisturize your newly shaven skin.  Even better, make this an everyday post-shower ritual as soap or body wash tends to strip your body of moisture.  Just be sure to use an alcohol-free lotion as not to irritate the skin.

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Thanks for letting me share my shaving ritual with you!
What are some of your shaving tips and tricks?