4 Ideas For A Low-Cost Personalized Mother's Day Gift

Sharing 4 simple ideas for a low-cost personalized Mother's Day gift for your mom.
LET'S CELEBRATE OUR MOM'S! With Mother's Day coming up, I've been reading lots of blog posts showcasing some lovely gift options. Don't get me wrong, I think our mom's deserve THE best, but our gifts don't always have to cost lots of money.  With some simple DIY,  your can make a super special gift and in some ways, it will be much more personal than a store-bought version. idea #1 // photo collage I did this a few years back for my mom and she absolutely loved it!  I got a collage frame for less than $10 from TJ Maxx and picked out some memorable photos of my family over the years. I used Shutterfly to order prints, but there are many other options out there.  You can even get prints at your local drug stores.   idea #2 // photo book My niece and nephew live in Hong Kong and I know my mom misses them a ton, so I made her a photo book filled with the kids' cutest photos from when they were babies to where they are now.  There are many ways to make a photo book, but I've found a very easy option - Via the Photos app on my Macbook Pro.  All it took was a few clicks.  Email me if you're interested in making one.  I'd be more than happy to help!
idea #3 // DIY card I love Papyrus cards, but they of course cost quite a bit, so I sometimes make Papyrus-inspired cards.  Trust me, I'm no crafty person, so I opt for ready-made pieces that I can easily stick to a blank card.  Michael's is my go-to store, but really, any craft store would have a great selection of these card-making pieces.     idea #4 // breakfast in bed I think this is by far my mom's favorite gift...only because she knows I don't like to cook and the fact that I take the time to make her a special meal on her special day, she just loves it.  I know, my mom enjoys the simple pleasure in life!  Since I am a terrible cook, I go for the safe choices:  Sunny-side-up eggs (her fave), turkey sausage (healthier option) and wheat toast. Coffee with cream on the side, of course.    As you can see, Mother's Day gifts don't have to break the bank and you can still bring a smile to your mom's face!   What do you think? Want to give one of these a go this Mother's Day? Or do you have other DIY gifts you have done in the past? Leave a comment below or email me directly...Would love to hear from you (since I'm still planning what to do for my mom this year)!