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Diptyque - Be My Valentine

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Diptyque Paris Eau Rose Hand Cream/Hand Lotion and Eau Rose Eau de Toilette.

Diptyque candles are the crown-jewels of the brand.  With Valentine's Day coming up, the brand is introducing some limited editions like the Rosaviola candles.  My curiosity about these lovely candles took me to the Diptyque boutique inside the Liberty Department Store during my stay in London.  As I was waiting for the crowd to disperse from the candle section, something else caught my eyes - These less-talked-about, but beautifully-packaged Diptyque body care and perfumes.  And the scent I'm completely head over heels with is perfect for adding some romance in the air.

Diptyque the brand

Photo Credit:  Diptyque - Our Story

Photo Credit: Diptyque - Our Story

The Beginning  Interestingly, Diptyque's first business was in fabric and wallpaper design.  Liberty London was actually one of their first customers.  The brand was founded by three friends - an interior designer, a painter, and a theater director - who share the same creative passion.  Their first connection that brings them closer to today's collection took place in 1961 when the three founders opened their first store in Paris.  In addition to selling their own soft furnishings, the founders also introduced English perfumes to their customers.

The Iconic Oval  Diptyque's signature label goes back to a fabric designed by Desmond Knox-Leet, one of the founders, in 1963.  The oval label resembles the shields of ancient Rome and echoes the shape of an 18th century medallion.  Fast-forward to today, as soon as you see this iconic oval, you immediately know that you're looking at a Diptyque product.

Information in this section is drawn from Diptyque "Our Story" page on its website.


eau rose hand lotion

Diptyque Paris Eau Rose Hand Cream/Hand Lotion.  Diptyque emulsion pour les mains.

I'm a hopeless romantic and I think that's why I'm so drawn to the eau rose scent.  I am also obsessed with hand cream/hand lotion...Lucky for me, this is also the only hand lotion scent available. 

Scent  This rose scent is intense.  At the same time, it's a soothing-kind-of smell.  The imagery in my mind as I put this hand lotion on is that of a romantic getaway...Rose petals on a white-linen-lined bed, two glasses of bubbly, with a large bay window overlooking a gorgeous sunset.  If you are using this hand lotion, I recommend going light on your regular perfume as the scents may compete with one another. 

Product Swatch: Diptyque Paris Eau Rose Hand Cream/Hand Lotion

Texture  True to its lotion form, this is lightweight and does not feel greasy or sticky upon application.  My skin absorbs the lotion quickly and remains moisturized for several hours.  Perfect for helping me get through this dry and cold Boston winter.  

Partially rubbed onto skin.

Partially rubbed onto skin.

Design  The packaging design has every signature element of Diptyqye.  From the iconic oval to the hand-drawn rose prints.  It's just absolutely beautiful. 

What Smells So Good?  The 1.7oz size is perfect for travel and this has become my must-have on my recent trips.  I once had a neighbor on the plane asking me what I had just put on that smelled so good.  Do I need to say more?

Available At Diptyque (Currently offering a limited edition with Valentine's Day design).

eau rose eau de toilette

Diptyque Paris Eau Rose Eau de Toilette

My go-to perfume is Estee Lauder Pleasure, but ever since I got this Dipyque Eau Rose Eau de Toilette, I have cheated on and off.  It's totally normal, right?

Scent  As I ooh and ahh in previous section, the rose scent is again heavenly.  Since this is an eau de toilette, the scent is lighter than a perfume...feel free to apply more liberally!

Body Fragrance Type  Diptyque carries eau de parfum and eau de toilette although this rose scent is only available as an eau de toilette.  On a very high-level, the ranking of scent intensity is as follows across the 3 main types of body fragrance for women: 1) Perfume 2) Eau de parfum 3) Eau de toilette.  The key difference is that, with eau de parfum and eau de toilette, the concentration of perfume essence is less than that in perfume.  As a result, the smell is lighter and each application doesn't last as long.  These two options maybe more ideal for those who have varying levels of sensitivity to fragrance.

Application  Because this is an eau de toilette (lighter scent), you can apply several times over the same spot.  I usually apply on my wrists, tummy, upper chest, and upper back.  I love this roll-on version because I can really control how much I am dispensing.  Also, sneak this baby in your clutch for some mid-date touchup.

Design  Same as the hand lotion, the rose-themed design is just as gorgeous.  What amazes me is the attention to detail and the commitment to beauty from Diptyque product designers - Even though both items are for the eau rose scent, the hand-drawn rose design on each product is unique.  One is purely black and white drawing while the other is a more close-up of roses with pink color applied to the petals.    

Velvet travel case included: Diptyque Paris Eau Rose Eau de Toilette

Travel-Friendly  In addition to the lean tube size, this also comes with a velvet carrying bag to prevent breakage.  Another way the Diptyque design team shows how much thought and care they put into their work!

Available At Diptyque - Regular design and limited edition Valentine's Day design.

special treats

Diptyque Paris Eau de Toilette sample/trial size.

Shopping at Liberty London was a special treat, and the Diptyque staff made it even more special.  I wasn't in there to buy a whole lot of items.  Nevertheless, the staff paid as much attention to me as they did to the shoppers ahead of me who bought a few bags full of products.  I was also pleasantly surprised when I was offered two travel sprays as gifts - And don't think the design team takes it easy on these mini's.  You can see it for yourself in the photo. 

My next decision is - Should I still go with my original shopping plan and splurge on some Diptyque candles?  Are you the proud owner of this signature item?  Is it worth the splurge?